Gay couple, Aaron and Mike

Welcome to Queerdaze

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with an insight into our lives as a gay couple 

Gay couple Aaron and Mike

QueerDaze represents the many emotions we experience as gay men in our lives from growing up, coming out, and finding our true selves.  We have all had different experiences, some easier than others.

We want QueerDaze to be a space where our readers can relate to our personal stories, and realize none of us are alone.

We are gay couple Mike and Aaron who happen to be in a gay age gap relationship. This Blog is our story. It is a love story, funny, sad, heartwarming and much more.

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Spreading the love in blog form! Across England, Ireland, Unites States and beyond...

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Introduction video to the queerdaze gay blog

 Mike and Aaron are husbands in an age gap relationship who share their experiences and opinions on gay life of how they experienced it. If your looking for videos with a twist check us out. Fun, frolics and everything in between.

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Celebrating Gay Pride
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About Us

I was in my fifties, just coming out of a seventeen year relationship and the last thing I expected was to fall in love with a man younger than myself and get married for my first time. Much to my amazement I met Aaron on Grindr the go to for sex...not relationships.  ( I should be paying Grindr a finders fee....or I could have at least sent them a thank you note).  Aaron was in the U.S. from Dublin, Ireland working in New York for the summer.


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