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Welcome to Queerdaze

Gay Blog and Podcast


Two married gay men who happen to be in an age gap relationship share their unfiltered opinions on gay life.  The QueerDaze gay blog and podcast features real people, real stories and real talk.

Discussing popular LGBTQ topics on gay life, coming out, families, religion, dating, sex and relationships. But.....

The lid is off lets talk about the stuff we all want to know or have an opinion on,  the weird, wild and the wonderful.

Sex Parties, bad habits, difficulties in the gay community, making a gay relationship work, gay friendships, sex tips and tricks, gay stereotypes and a peachy bum whole lot more so stay tuned.

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About Us

I was in my fifties, just coming out of a seventeen year relationship and the last thing I expected was to fall in love with a man younger than myself and get married for my first time. Much to my amazement I met Aaron on Grindr the go to for sex...not relationships.  ( I should be paying Grindr a finders fee....or I could have at least sent them a thank you note).  Aaron was in the U.S. from Dublin, Ireland working in New York for the summer.

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