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When Life's Busy, Hectic and Full of Surprises

I just took a look and it has been nine months since our last post. I hope some of our old readers at least wondered where we were. Nine month sounds like such a long time but the older you get the quicker time passes. God, I remember in grade school waiting for summer vacation and the last few weeks of school always seemed to go by so slowly, 2 weeks would seem like 2 years.

I always tell people they should keep a diary or at least a calendar so they have a record of what they have done for them to look back on. Of course, I am the worst at following my own advice and I would have a hard time telling you exactly what we have been doing since our last post or Blog vacation.  I won't go into specifics now but we did spend most of our free time travelling, having friends and family from the States come, taking them around Ireland and a lot of hanging with just ourselves.

Aaron and Mike in Gran Canaria

Aaron and I have missed the Blog so we are back and don’t forget to watch us on YouTube and Instagram.  A little bragging, Aaron and I were pretty surprised and happy a few weeks ago when we were named one of the best Dating Blogs of 2024.  We have never considered our Blog a Dating Blog, but we are happy to be named.  Below is a blurb from them.

QueerDaze is a blog that explores gay age-gap dating with all the honesty, humor, and light-heartedness you could ask for. Authors and married couple Michael and Aaron came together through a series of serendipitous meetings until finally getting honest with each other and settling down. Aaron is several years Michael’s junior, and the age gap has provided some unique highs and lows throughout their relationship.

While QueerDaze has a lot of content about age-gap relationships, its content touches on so much more. The couple explores what Pride means to them, shares reflections on their long-term relationship, and gives travel tips to fellow LGBTQ+ adventurers. Michael and Aaron keep it real while providing an adorable and honest glimpse of modern gay relationships. 

One of the biggest changes in the last few weeks has been Aaron starting a new job.  We’re both pretty excited about it, especially me since it includes a big raise.  I am already trying to figure out different ways we can enjoy it.  Actually we have been trying to be a little more careful this past year as we are thinking of moving to the States.

I have tried to be quiet about it but I am not that crazy about his new working environment.   I have been pretty spoiled the last 15 months having him work from home.  The new job isn't even hybrid. It is 5 days a week at the office. He did luck out as it is only a 15 minute walk from the house. I'll be interesting to see how I feel in a few weeks when he is not here all day. So far I haven't had a chance to miss him, I have been too busy doing all the stuff I should have been doing while he was at home.

 I have never worked at home before, but don't think it would have been for me.  I am not one of those self starter types.  If I don't have to do it I usually don’t . At home Aaron had a windowless office and I sometimes had to bolt the door shut so he would get his work done.  In the worse ways we are too much alike.

Years ago when I had a real job and an office to go to I actually quite enjoyed it. Especially the years right after college.  For a few years some of my closest friends were from work. When Aaron was at home working it always felt odd to me that he never really had anyone from work to commiserate with.  If he wanted to bullshit around with anyone it had to be me.  This probably got tiring for him and I wasn’t always free when he wanted to talk and really knew very little about the work he did. 

 It’s been years since I have gone to an office, but when I started my career I was very lucky to have found a mentor. I followed him to two other companies where I received great packages. Working at home I don’t think this is possible.  Being in the office I also liked being able to toss ideas around with different people . I am  no expert but I think just being in a work environment at an office would make most people more productive.  

One of the biggest changes since Aaron has gone back to work is that I am now the cook.  I was spoiled when Aaron worked at home.  He loves to cook.   Anyway, Aaron will be home and hungry soon, so I better get cooking. 

Mike cooking food


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