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Tar Starring Kate Blanchett

Aaron and I are a little late getting to this years Oscar Movies. So far we have only seen about six of them and are trying to play catch up. Last night we watched the movie Tar which so far has been my favorite. I am sorry we did not get a chance to see it in the theater and had to stream it. It stars Kate Blanchett, who is up for best actress. I would love to see her win. It was directed by Todd Field who also wrote and produced it. He is also up for three oscars for the film as writer, director and producer.

The movie is about a fictional character, Lydia Tar played by Blanchett, who is the first ever conductor of a German Orchestra. Just as she reaches new heights in her career her life begins to unravel at a speed that only gets quicker. Lydia’s hubris causes her downfall.

Both Blanchett and Field say the movie is not about women, but humans, I am not sure I agree. I felt it said quite a bit about the, Me Too Movement and loved the role-reversal with Blanchett playing the overly confident, ambitious, arrogant women full of too much pride who let no one get in her way. One of my favorite parts of the movie was when she went back to her childhood home. Not going to say anything else about that part. At the end of the movie I was a bit perplexed whether she was trying to redeem herself and climb back up the ladder she fell from. Either way one of the most thought provoking movies of the year. I wish I had more people to talk about it with.

Tar Movie


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