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Snowfall - TV Series

I'm not sure if it was bad luck or good luck. I found myself stuck in bed the past 2 weeks, (the bad luck,) but came across a fantastic TV show, (the good luck) to watch. The show is called Snowfall, there are six seasons, it came out on the FX Network in 2017 and there are six seasons to watch. It is a great show to binge, if you find yourself with nothing to do. Thank god Aaron loved it too as I have been basically ignoring him every night so I could watch it. If he wants to talk to me I make him pause the show so I don't miss a word. I hate people who talk when I am watching a show I like. I can't stand missing a word. We finished season 4 and I have banned us from watching the last 2 seasons until we get back from vacation. I need something to look forward to when we get back in town.

Snowfall Tv Series

Snowfall is one of the few shows where I was not familiar with any of the writers, directors or producers. The only actor I had really seen before was Carter Hudson who I had seen in the TV show, Dear Edward, At first I wasn't sure it was him because the roles are so different. He is great in Snowfall. I also love the actor Gail Bean as Wanda Simmons, who becomes addicted to crack. After watching her, I promise crack is one drug you will never want to try. The cast of the show is stellar.

The show mainly takes place in Los Angeles, (south Central,) in 1983 at the beginning of the crack epidemic and its effects on the city, particularly the Afro Americans. There are a few subplots, involving drug cartels, the U.S. government and at first they might be a bit confusing but soon they will all fall into place. The show combines action, adventure and relationships. All in all one of the best shows I have watched in ages, I probably will not be able to wait to watch seasons 5 and 6. I guess some more binging is on the table.


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