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The Prophets and The World And All That It Holds 2 Disappointing Books

I would much rather be writing recommendations of books to read than movies to see. I have always liked books so much better because my imagination can go into work overtime. I love getting lost in books I am enjoying for hours. Many years ago I decided that if after reading 30 percent of a book or watching 30 percent of a movie if I I did not enjoy them, I would stop reading or watching.

This past month I have been reading two books, one for my book club and the other that the New York Times recommended highly. They were both historical Fiction, which I love. It's a dream come true learning history at the same time as your reading a great story. Making it even better both books revolved around a gay couple.

The first book I attempted and still am attempting to read was recommended by The New York Times it is called, The Prophets, by Robert Jones, Jr. It is his debut novel and is set on a plantation during the age of slavery and takes place in Mississippi. Two slaves on the plantation, Issaih and Samuel have been lovers for years, at first being left alone than drawing anger from the other slaves and black overseers.

The Prophets

The second book which was for the Book Club is called The World And All That It Holds by Aleksander Hemon. Henon is a renown author, critic, screen and television writer and the list goes on. The World and all that it holds is also a gay love story. Instead of the American South it takes starts off in Sarajevo, Bosnia where a Jewish Pharmacist Pinto falls in love with Osman, a soldier.

The World and all That it Holds

I love recommending books and there is nothing I hate more than telling people not to bother with them. Both of these books were so difficult to read that I was not able to get into the story. Both contained so many references to God, the torah, to heaven, they went from the psat to the future that I felt it took away from the stories I wanted to read and made them too hard to follow.. Being gay myself I always love a gay love story, but was never able to get close to the characters. I have to wonder if something is wrong with me that these two books which were given raves by the critics just did not resonate with me.

Amazingly enough I am about to start another novel which takes place during World War 1, it is also a gay love story. It is called, Memoriam, it is by Alice Winn and is also her debut novel. The reviews say it is addictive so my fingers are crossed and I'll let you know.

I know I've asked before, but please if any of you have books you love , please send, "Queerdaze," the names, no reviews needed. I'll look them up myself. I can't stand when I don't have a stack of books on my nightstand or a Kindle full of books to read.


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