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A Brief Look at Poppers

Poppers have been around for decades, and they seem to have a bit of a marmite effect. Some people love them and other cannot stand them. To be fair they don’t really have a nice smell, we think, and some people find the experience not very pleasant. But, for the most part the feedback we are getting is that poppers are awesome and certainly add to increased pleasure in the bedroom. Some customers experience a greater loss of inhibitions allowing themselves to fulfil their fantasies in a greater level.

Poppers Super Shop

What is it all about?

Decades ago, a French chemist came up with the original formula. This however is no longer available in the UK. These days the content of a bottle of poppers has hugely changed from the original recipe and the reason for usage it is very different as well. For more information, please click this link, what are poppers? Now, we are not chemists or scientists ourselves but as far as we are aware room aromas as they are also known, increase the blood flow to achieve the desired effect and the reason people buy poppers. There are various formulas around but in general the effects are pretty much the same.

Brands of Note.

There are so many different popper brands in the market we thought it might be useful to highlight a few that we are hopeful will not disappoint.

  • Berlin XXX has been the number one seller for many years and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Berlin has the highest rate of customers re-ordering which is probably one of the strongest indications that it delivers precisely what customers want.

  • Power Rush, Rush poppers is probably one of the oldest brands around along with Liquid Gold. Power Rush is the newer and seemingly more popular version. This brand has a power pellet in the bottle which aims to keep the formula stronger for longer. Shaking the bottles apparently reinvigorates the contents keeping it potent. Other brands with a pellet are Red Bullet, Potent Blue and Reds.

  • Jungle Juice Poppers, another brand that has stood the test of time. There are a huge amount of different Jungle Juices around but on our store customers seem to prefer the 25ml round bottle with the bright yellow sleeve. After that the 10ml Jungle Juice from Europe.

  • European imports, recently we have seen a surge of European imports hitting the UK. Not all of them have been a hit but if you want to try some we would, based on customer feedback, recommend Juic’d, Fist Tall, BB and Amsterdam.


Even though the above are some of the brands most in demand it does not always mean you will also like them. It is hard to pin-point what matches the product with a user. For most it is a case of trial and error till you find the one that does it for you.

Poppers are for everybody

It is fair to suggest that poppers originally came to the forefront through the gay male community. This to the extent many called them gay poppers these days they are used by everybody. We have custom from straight men, women and the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum.

The main reason of usage is often to amplify fun times and having a good time is naturally for everybody.

Berlin XXX poppers

Useful information.

One of the most asked questions is how to store room aromas. Well, this is simple, keep them in a dark and cold place. The fridge or freezer are great. The main thing is to keep the poppers out of the sunlight, they really don’t like the heat.

Another bit of useful information is to buy a multi or mixed pack. Most stores offer reduced prices when ordering more than one. Talking about great value, we are giving all readers an extra 10% off your first order. All you need to is to enter voucher code ONEOFF10 at the checkout.

Liquid Gold Poppers

Hopefully this has been useful but if you have any more questions regarding poppers please feel free to contact us. You will find our phone number, email and other contact methods in our website. We have a great team available that are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


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