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Gay Product Review - Addicted Underwear and Swiss Navy Lube


Aaron is Addicted to Addicted Underwear, including Addicted Jocks and Bathing suits. If truth be told I am addicted to seeing him in them. As I have said before when he comes out of the shower and goes into the closet to dress I can’t wait to see which of his Addicted he is going to be wearing. No matter what it is I am going to be in attack mode.

I am not sure who designs for Addicted but they have the best taste of any companies that we have found so far. Soon we will have to broaden our underwear horizons. One thing that we love about Addicted is that much of the underwear can also be worn as bathing suits. They also do tops and a few other things.

If I am being honest I am not crazy about their mesh underwear and Sailor Velvet Singlets But trust me, for the most part, it is the best you will find. Also, everyone has different taste.

I will have to hand this Blog over to Aaron at some point so he can tell you guys how it fits. All I can say as I did before is he has has the perfect body for it and it all looks great on him. I am past the point where I feel good wearing their underwear and suits but believe me I wish I was younger so I could wear it and not feel like I was trying to be a youngster.

Addicted Underwear


There are two things I love when it comes to clothing. Men in suits, a well cut suit on a hot man, I find irresistible and it just oozes Hot Daddy. Similarly good underwear, jocks, briefs, and bathing suits can make a man look full, peachy and ripe in all the right places. My vivid imagination is already getting the better of me.

I have always loved good gay underwear. There is a feeling you get when you know it fits just right. Whether it shows your ass being full of bounce and or your cock just sits perfectly to show that sweet bulge. The problem is not every piece of underwear is cut well. I know when something looks good on me, so there is nothing more annoying when the majority of jocks I come across just don't do the trick.

I first came across Addicted when I was in Barcelona a few years ago and then again in the Yumbo centre in the Canaries and I instantly had to try a pair. It was perfect, almost too perfect that all of a sudden it had me in a frisky mood and my cock started throbbing and well you can sort of imagine what happened next. Mike had me cornered in the dressing room. I'm pretty sure the guy working at the store didn't mind though.

Aaron in addicted underwear

But in all seriousness I am a big fan of the Addicted brand, whether you are lounging in the house, lying on a beach in the sun or dangling those sweet cheeks at a dance club or sex party. (so many options). I can assure you without fail you will always be noticed. Their cut is just perfect, They give you booty in the back and party in the front More than that the design is always eye catching or designed in a way that makes you feel like your ready to shoot your porno.

I recently got a pair from who's prices I must say are pretty damn good on most of their stock compared to quite a few other stores I've shopped at and I'm not going to lie I love esmale but hey that's no surprise with me. If you're looking for some good underwear I'd definitely give the Addicted brand a try. If you think they don't look good maybe you will have to model them for me just so I can be the judge of that haha. For comfort, cut and design I'd give Addicted Underwear a solid 8 out of ten.

Mike In one of our previous Blogs we talked about our favorite Lube which I have been using for over. 20 years. Swiss Navy -Silicone Based Lube. I have tried just about every less expensive lube and Swiss Navy is well worth the premium you might pay. We are not crazy about water based lube which gets sticky, dries up and doesn't feel great. Silicone lube feels great and a little goes a long way. The only drawback is it may stain. After a little research I discovered that rubbing the stain with dishwashing detergent before washing takes out most of the stain or just send to the dry cleaners, which I find is really the best solution. In our previous Blog about Swiss Navy I said I would order it from Amazon. Well, I just did a little comparison shopping and discovered that sells the 4 ounce bottle for 8 Euros less than Amazon. I would give Swiss Navy Lube 9 out of ten. Loses some points just because it does tend to cause a mess but the fun is usually worth it.

Swiss Navy Lube

It has only been in the last few months that Aaron and I have discovered But it has really been a joy for us to be able to do all our guy shopping in one place for so many of out needs. Maybe one day they will carry our face products, flip flops and more. In the meantime we will have to use other stores.


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