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Experimenting With Sex Toys - The Fleshjack

A few months ago Aaron and I started a conversation with a couple from London, Jay and Steve who happened to enjoy our Blog. As it turns out they have an online store called which they have been running for the last 12 years.

Aaron and I took a look at Esmale and both agreed it was one of the best stores for men we have seen online or off, never before have we found all our favorite things in one place. From cock rings, lube bathing suits, underwear and more. Finally!

It really is one stop shopping. There is nothing I hate more than going to Amazon and having to look through 25 pages of underwear for me to find what Aaron and I want, or more to the point what I want to see Aaron wearing when he comes out of the shower. Even when I use the filters on Amazon they rarely work right. Most of our readers know we live in Dublin, which is a fairly large city, but still we find the stores here carry such a poor selection of what we like or we end up paying a fortune for our favorite lube.

Last week was Aaron’s birthday and we happened to get a package from Esmale. I really think it was for both of us,though. It was a Fleshjack, or a Gay Fleshlight as some people refer to it. We can’t wait to try it out this weekend.

I am not bragging but I have to say Aaron and I have a sex life that is anything but boring. It is very exciting. In the past I guess you could say our only accessories were our cockrings and a few uniforms, ( you may have seen some pics of us in them.) We now have our first toy. Our new Fleshjack. The Fleshjack’s motto is, "Pleasure To The Core," the same motto as Aaron and I have. I am looking at the box now and it says it takes you to a new level of sexual satisfaction. If it does I will probably end up dead since 50 % of the time I cum I tell Aaron I think I’m dying.

When I took the Fleshjack out of the box I have to say I was a bit mystified as to how it works. I was able to tell which end my dick was supposed to go in, but I had a bit of trouble getting the cover off. I was trying to be gentle and not break it. At this point I looked at the instructions and learned that there is also a cap at the bottom of the Fleshlight. The cap can be tightened or loosened for the desired amount of suction. This allows the user complete control over how much he is stimulated. I also saw online that there are many versions of the Fleshjack. Most of them are supposed to simulate fucking. I was surprised to learn that ours was supposed to simulate oral sex.

I have been spending a little too much time thinking of the way we can use it together this weekend. Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner, I am guessing most people use it on their own. When you do find someone to play with and they like toys you can impress him, (or her,) with your Fleshlight, or just play show and tell.

It’s Monday and Aaron and I had a chance to use our new toy. Okay, the good and bad. We did have a good time playing with it and surprisingly enough it felt pretty damn good. I cannot say it necessarily felt like oral sex but it managed to keep our dicks good and hard. Isn’t that what counts. I would probably use it mostly by myself. Only because when I am with Aaron, I want the real thing and there’s no replacement for Aaron. It would be great to use when you are alone watching porn or your imagination is ready to go to work.

We thought the biggest drawback to the Fleshlight was the fact that it requires cleaning. Nothing major but I would prefer something I could throw on the floor when I was done with it and just pick it up when I was ready to go the next time. We do the same thing with our cockrings that is probably why we spend so much money on them. We use silicone based lube not the best for toys and never seem to clean them. I have to say our new toy would get between a six and a seven. So if you are a little curious maybe give it a try.


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