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I am not a great fan of comedy shows but Hacks with Jean Smart on HBO deserves to be watched. There have been 2 seasons of Hacks and I can’t wait for the third. It is a shame there are only 9 episodes in each season. I first became familiar with Jean Smart from the TV show Designing Women, it was probably on TV about 30 years ago. Smart has a great sense of comedic timing and has won an Emmy Award for Hacks.

Hacks is about a Las Vegas standup comedian, Deborah Vance. She has just lost her show at a major hotel on the strip. In a last ditch effort to freshen up her show she hires Ava. Ava is a millennial comedy writer who was recently fired from her job. Together the two form an unlikely bond that is both funny and heart warming to watch.

We both definitely think it's worth the watch!

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