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Sex Parties (The Ins & Outs)

Sex parties, groups, gangbangs, orgies or whatever you would like to call them are quite prevalent in the gay community. I'm sure they also take pace in the straight world but my experiences lies in the gay community. I feel qualified to write this post because I have been to more sex parties than I can count. I have seen the good, the bad, the mind blowing, the downright annoying and everything you can imagine in between, from the smallest house sex party to the largest sex clubs.

Now I am not saying that I was a downright slut but if I am being honest I loved a good sex party in the day. When they were good they were great. But when they were bad they felt like a waste of time. Nevertheless they brought a wealth of experience to me and I've actually made some pretty good friends from the sex parties I went to.

Sex parties definitely aren't everyone's cup of tea but there is something pretty unique about them. If you're looking for love you probably won't find it. (Stranger things have happened.) However if you want to express your raw manly urges with good sweaty sex and if you're lucky enough to find a good party with several hot men and good vibes well lets just say then your in for a treat

I’m going to focus on the sex parties that people host in their homes. If you guys would like me to do one on sex clubs just ask and I will get writing.

Blurry picture of sex party.

The Scene

Sex parties are pretty similar to a regular house party just with the added sex. (Sex also doesn’t happen as much as you think.) So if you were hosting a sex party it’s important that it has a good crowd.

It’s good to a few personality types at a party;

  • The hot easy going guys who get on with everyone

  • The party starter, he has the confidence to make everyone feel good and get rid of any awkwardness.

  • A good host knows the right people to bring and has some supplies such as lube and condoms to get the party started., (Although it’s important you bring anything that you yourself need.).

  • Slutty bottoms ( I mean this in a positive way, bottoms who know how to work their ass and shake their booty. haha)

  • Hot horny tops who are ready to pump and pound.

The Attire

Yes, you and everyone else will be naked. Yes, I know it can be awkward at first but everyone feels the same. Just embrace it and enjoy all those hot naked men, after all you're invited because they think you're hot so flaunt that big fat cock or that juicy bubble butt or if you're lucky both.

Jockstraps as I'm all sure you're all well aware of are pretty popular, (especially for the bottoms) also some people like to wear fetish gear. It really does depend on the party. One of my friends who hosts some of the best sex parties has a sex room in his house complete with dungeon. He also has a whole host of fetish gear from leather to officer and everything you can possibly imagine. His parties are always fun. I could be an officer, pup or fiireman all on the same day, magical.

Sex Party Etiquette

Like any good party you attend please always remember to have good sex party etiquette. Yes you may be hot as fuck but that doesn’t give you an excuse to have bad manners. Just remember someone is hosting the party, it’s their home and their rules.

Don’t show up with anyone who was not invited and don’t invite people over without first asking the hosts permission. Try to keep the phones away. I know it’s not always possible but sex parties are always better when people aren't stuck on grindr etc. It really does get annoying. Numerous times have I seen someone getting fucked while their face is stuck on grindr trying to get more guys over. After a few hours of fun when people are having a break or if the host asks you to try and freshen things up with some new faces yeah sure chill out and get on your phone for half an hour. But don’t be doing it constantly throughout the party. It breaks up the flow of everything.

Also this bit is key! You don’t have to have sex with everyone. But it is always good when a lot of the people are into each other for good sex flow. (This is why it’s good to have a good host who knows the right people to bring) But if you really are not into someone don’t have sex with them for the sake of it. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable. But please don’t be rude to someone if you're not into them. Finally don’t take rejection personally, not everyone is going to be into everyone and don’t pester people who aren't into you. There are plenty of other people there that are.

Basket of rubbers.


In my opinion any good sexy party usually takes a bit of planning. Spur of the moment sex parties always seem like a good idea at the time but more often than not just don’t work out. A good host is essential for a good sex party . A good host will usually have a good space for a sex party. Whether it be the whole house, a sex room, a living room, or a bedroom with enough space so several ass’s can be high in the air. The best hosts will know the right people to bring. They are also good at making you feel welcome and relaxed. The aim of the game is for everyone to feel comfortable because when you feel comfortable your inner whore comes out and that's what we all want. haha .

Sex parties can vary. Is it a safe sex party, a bareback or mixed. It is pretty important people know what kind of party it is before going. Regardless though it is always good to bring condoms and lube just to make people feel comfortable. As long as the option is there it’s each to their own. If you're not into barebacking that's perfectly fine. But don’t make a big deal about it if someone else is.

Then is it a no drugs allowed party, chemsex party or mixed. Also if you are going to use drugs at a sex party you should bring your own or have money to pay for them. Too many times I have seen people show up to a sex party just to use the drugs. Remember it’s a sex party so the prime concern should be the sex. Yes sometimes drugs can be used to enhance the fun but just remember not to over do it.

If you plan on bottoming especially for a sex party it’s a good idea to douche before hand. It’s not the end of the world if an accident happens but it’s always best to be prepared and the tops will love you for it.

The Experience

Just remember you're there to enjoy yourself. A good sex party can be the most euphoric feeling in the world . Whether you're pumping and pounding or slipping and sliding covered in all that man juice, there is something simply amazing and unique about sex parties. They can be a place where all your fantasies come to fruition or that break away from the real world that you need for a few hours. Overall just remember to have fun, be safe and show everyone that inner pornstar bursting to come out ,you sexy hunk of a man!

Picture of Aaron in harness.


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