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Orgain Organic Protein

Since I started working out in college, a long time ago I have been using protein powder off and on. One of the reasons I usually stopped was I did not like the way the Whey protein powders made me feel. That was usually bloated and or full of gas.

About 10 years ago I became vegan for about 3 years and began using Orgain Organic Protein. I have since stopped being vegan and gone back to being a veracious meat eater, but I have stayed with Orgain. Although animal based proteins may be a bit better for muscle growth, vegan proteins are much healthier for your blood pressure cholesterol and heart. They also lower your risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease. I have to be honest the main reason I like it is I fart a lot less than when I use an animal based protein. You can get it on amazon here.


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