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Gay Frat house or Sex Party

I had not seen Aaron for 2 and 1/2 years. I arrived at Aaron's in January around 7:00 A.M. and found him sound asleep instead of waiting for me with breakfast and open arms. Being jet lagged I hopped in bed with him. Usually I have my own sleeping cocktail on overnight flights. Before takeoff 2 Bloody Marys, 1 Trazodone and 5mg of valium. I then eat dinner as soon as we get in the air and have a great sleep. Did not work this time. I was too excited to sleep.

Mike writer of Gay Lifestyle Blog on plane returning to Ireland.

After I woke Aaron we fell asleep in each others arms for quite a few hours. It was great having his arms around me again. It was a good way to get reacquainted. At some point I had to get up and use the bathroom. I'm pretty sure it must have been late afternoon. The bathroom was about 20 feet down the hall from his bedroom and looking around I could not stop myself from thinking either Aaron was living in a gay frat house or a sex party was happening. I was thankful for my experience at the Chicago Steamworks the past summer.

Gay couple, Aaron and Mike on Mike's return to Dublin.

I could not believe this was what I had gotten myself into. Why didn't I listen to my gut and stay in a hotel.? Being a go with the flow type of person I decided to just do my best whatever the situation was. I made it to the bathroom which had no lock on the door, the same situation with the bedroom, no lock, I was not used to sharing my space. What I thought might just be an interesting evening turned into a whole weekend.

Back in the bedroom things were getting interesting. As I said no locks on doors. Aaron and I would be messing around and even with the door shut people would just wander in. Some in clothes, some in underwear and some naked, Where the fuck was I. They would come in the room and sit on the bed and start chatting. Having never been around many Irish people before I could barely understand what they were saying, they speak so fast, their accents are thick and so many of their words have strange meanings. What I did understand was they were quite happy to simply stay. I was not sure if they wanted to join us, watch or what. It was a funny experience to say the least.

Gay age gap relationship couple, Aaron and Mike having fun in Aron's flat where he rents a room.

It was really something. I would wait in line at the bathroom thinking this guy was waiting to use it, he wasn't. He was just just standing there all the time in his underwear talking on the phone. Aaron left the room at some point and I took a piss out the window. The only person I wanted groping me tonight was Aaron and I was having such a hard time understanding these strangers, who knew if they would understand me. We were on the second floor and I just hoped the cascading waterfall did not catch anyone's attention. I would have gone downstairs out to the garden to piss, but I had no idea what clothes to wear? My underwear, pants, or nothing. Through the door I was not sure if I was hearing moaning or music so I ventured out a bit to see. . At one stage I ventured downstairs to get some water and was swarmed with a sea of naked bodies. On my way upstairs I stuck my head in one of the bedrooms three TV's with porn and surround sound, alongside some entertainment to go with it.

The fqmous window.
The famous window

After travelling 3000 miles I was feeling like a fish out of water or rather a nice Jewish boy from New York who left the big city. Aaron and I both behaved. We paid no attention to anyone but each other. I am still am not sure which it was a Gay Frat House or Sex Party but it was a fun introduction to Dublin and it's men.

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