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Does Dick Size Really Matter

God, you should see him he’s got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Fuck, that thing was like a beer can. Let me tell you it was so big I couldn’t even take it. Is a big dick really that important? If it is let me show you mine and maybe I’ll let you have it, that's if you're lucky.

Mike in bed nude

Do gay guys really need other gay guys fucking them up more than the rest of the straight world already has? Until I became immersed in Grindr and Scruff at the age of 50 I don’t believe I ever thought about the size of my cock, Honestly it was just something I had hanging between my legs that got hard a lot and begged to cum usually too often.

Suddenly single,I became an avid user of Scruff and Grindr. I was now constantly asked about the size of my cock. I really never knew what to say. I had never measured and was not about to. I had already been fucked up enough as a kid. Finally, I felt good about myself. Did I honestly need a bunch of other gay men making me feel bad because my dick did not measure up to their standards. I was also perplexed. Where did these standards come from? Then did I measure it when it was flaccid or hard? Was it bigger in the morning or night? When it was full of cum or after I had shot a load? I finally came up with my stock answer. Well, I’ve never had any complaints.

It is common knowledge that a lot of therapists and people in areas of sexual expertise say, “it’s not the meat it’s the motion.” basically they are saying it’s the technique. I have no idea if this is true or not. I have not been fucked enough to be a good judge. So where does this idea of the need for “the big dick come from?” I have read that the average erect penis is 5.17 inches long and the average circumference when erect is 4.59 inches and this depends what surveys you have read but it seems the average is about that.

From the minimal reading I have done about sex it seems there are pluses and minuses to being too big or too small. So, maybe it is better to just have that average dick. For those who are too big or too small, well learn how to use it correctly. Not talking dick size but taking height into consideration I know Aaron and I have had to try working out a few positions not because of our dick size, however but because of our 5 or 6 inches difference in height.

I realize much of what people talk about has to do with who they hang out with, In the straight world I can never remember hearing any guys talk about dick size. In the gay world it has been completely different for me. I am not apart of these conversations and don’t want to be. I have only heard they take place a lot.

As I said above it was a constant question on Grindr and Scruff. However, these are sex apps and men should be able to specify what they want, but I question do they really need it that big or is it just a bragging point. Is it also possible straight guys are too embarrassed to talk about the size of their dick because people will think it’s too gay of a topic?

I think gay porn has been a huge culprit and nurtured the idea that the bigger the dick the bigger the man. I can’t count the number of times I had watched porn and heard someone screaming open me up, give it to me hard, I want nine inches and if you can find me 12. It has been a while since I’ve watched porn so I can’t remember more. I do know that unless you have a great sense of self it can only make you wonder if you measure up. Anyway is it a claim to fame to have a dick so big that no one can take it up their bum or down their throat? Or is it like the old saying goes the guy with the most toys wins?

Aaron showing his bulge with Mike

I said earlier that when I went out with women I never heard guys talk about their dicks or their looks. Mostly they just talked about the size of their guns, (biceps,) and chest. Those were the gym rats. Another reason is because they were too busy talking about how the women looked and comparing them to other women.

It stands to reason than that this is what gay men do. They compare themselves to other men. I know for a fact that when I started dating men I automatically became more worried about how I looked. Much of this had to do with a poor self worth but also I somehow felt there was competition to be the better man, bigger muscles, better looking, bigger dick etc. I have heard of men having dick enlargements. When these sort of things happen I think it is time to start examining what is really important to who we are. It took me a long time to stop caring about how I looked. I also realize whatever I am on the outside is only going to fade in time including my dick which won’t fade but, certainly won’t work as well. While what I am on the inside is so much more important and will stay with me.

Being me and someone who was fucked up from a very young age for many reasons, the predominant one not being straight. I would hope, (and I am not speaking about all gays,) that gays could learn to be more accepting of other gay or Lgbtq people. I don’t think constant talk about dick or more specifically big dicks is really necessary. Must we always be making someone else feel inadequate so we feel better. Even when the person is not apart of what is going on, they are aware. Maybe it is time to start helping one another, (especially other gays,) feel better about themselves rather than less.

You see quite a bit written about women with body dysmorphia. Just a guess but I bet it is also common in gay men quite a bit too. Body dysmorphia, (or dick dysmorphia in men as I will call it,) is considered a mental health problem where people spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about what they believe to be their physical flaws. The flaws they believe they have are usually unnoticeable to other people. It is usually caused by fears of not fitting in, being rejected, having a poor sense of self, or feeling that you need to look a certain way to keep friends or to find a partner.

Someone asked me the other day what I thought of nudity? My answer was there are thousands of people being killed everyday, millions of people starving and how many thousands homeless. Do I give a fuck about nudity, no. Hopefully one day we can all care about things that are really important.

Aaron and Mike in the bathtub

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