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The Covid And Cold Boys

Aaron and I always say how much we would love to get sick at the same time so we could stay in bed all day romping around and watching movies. Well, our wishes came true or at least half of them did. Aaron got Covid and I got a bad cold. As for romping around forget it except once when Aaron had enough energy for a 5 minute session or quickie. Actually I don’t know if gays have quickies. I mean I know gays have quickies but I have only heard that word used to describe them when I was straight and that was about 35 years ago my being straight,

Last Thursday Aaron came home from work early telling me he had covid. I wasn’t surprised in the least. They seem to pass it around his office like a hot potato. It seems that every time someone returns to his office from having Covid another person goes home with it. Go figure for the last two and a half years he has been so careful, even getting his booster and now he gets it. I guess his run of good luck or ours is over.

The first thing he did was make me take a covid test. He was so sure I must have it, actually I was too. Trust me we share everything and I mean everything. I still do not know how I haven’t caught it. I wish I did though, for this whole fucking week I have been sicker than Aaron. Tomorrow will be a week and we both better be well on our road to recovery. It’s one thing to wish I could be sick with Aaron, but a whole other ballgame actually being sick with him.

Mike and Aaron sick in bed

Of course, we have been pretty much out of sync with each other the whole week. Aaron was at his worse when I was at my best. This worked out perfect for Aaron. When he’s sick he loves for me to wait on him.hand and foot. I treat him like a prince, I can’t believe that when I make him eggs and toast I melt the butter in the microwave and brush it on the toast so it's not all clumpy on the toast, I also keep the toast warming in the oven while I cook the eggs. Not bad service if you ask me. Being honest, I have to say that Aaron is happy to reciprocate. He would really love to take care of me and tries. Only problem is when I’m sick I just want to be left alone.

When I say I just want to be left alone when I’m sick I mean it. Aaron doesn’t believe me so he developed a game to prove me wrong. He’s played it like four out of the last five nights. It’s called, “Lets get Mike hard.” Aaron thinks getting me hard proves I don’t like to be left alone. That’s fine but what gets my goat is that now that I am good and horny he professes to be too sick to play anymore. Not fair in the least if you ask me.

One more game he really gets a kick out of is called, “Scare The Shit Out Of Mike.” Again, another simple game he has devised I hope to scare the cold out of me and not give me a heart attack. Usually I am totally alone during the day and not used to having someone around. Aaron’s idea is to never announce his arrival. I will be off in my own world on the terrace, in the bathroom or kitchen when casually I turn around and there he is. Always just standing behind me, I never hear him coming it’s like he suddenly appears out of nowhere. That game stopped when I decided it was time to turn the tables on him, giving him one or two major scares.

Aaron kissing Mike

Aaron did have to work some during the week and I felt bad that he did so I left him alone in our office /laundry room most of the time. I found it odd though that every time I would pass the laundry room and put my ear to the door to see if he was busy, all I could hear were videos from Tik Tok playing. I never let him in on the fact that he wasn’t working as hard as he led me believe.

For those of you who don’t lived in Ireland, this is one country where I promise you no one moves to for the weather. I never had a chance to put my winter coat away until the end of June, Making me feel even worse is that summer finally arrived with my cold. We have probably missed the best week of weather in the past year. It was probably 75, sunny and every time I ventured out to the terrace there was a nice breeze. Now that I am just about back to about 100 percent, it feels like 85, and is sticky and humid, It is a real guessing game trying to figure out the weather here. At this point I am just trying to go with the flow and not complain to Aaron. If I do I sound like a spoiled American who cannot live without his air conditioning.

Aaron and Mike sunbathing in the park

For the most part we usually agree on which TV shows we like, Lets just say it is split 80/20. The 20 percent though that we don’t agree on make me question his taste sometimes. We did find three good shows to watch. I consider this pretty good considering we have been binging on TV for the last two years. One of them was on the BBC called, “The Split,” another on Netflix called, “Heartstopper,” and the third called, “The Bear,” on Hulu. Sometimes I think it would just be cheaper to stream every cable channel than to buy them as we do on Amazon. I believe I probably paid Amazon about $100 this month just to watch TV.

Today was Aaron’s first day back at work. I hate to say it but I was getting used to having his company all day long again. I got really spoiled during the first year and a half of Covid being able to be with him 24/7. I am just starting to get back into my routine too. I think mine is a littler easier than his. Had some breakfast, went to the gym did a little cardio, showered, went out for some lunch and am finally sitting down to do some work and waiting for Aaron to come home and cook dinner. I realize I am pretty lucky.

The one think lousy aspect of being sick though is that there always seems twice as much work to do when you get better. I wish there was some sort of insurance you could get that provided someone to do your work when you were sick and you came back to work like you were never gone.

We luckily got better just in time as my first friends from America will be here to visit for three days before they leave for Italy. It will be a great time a little sightseeing, eating and now that I am Irish probably a lot of drinking. Then this weekend we go down to Waterford where Aaron is from for his Uncle’s engagement party. We get back Sunday. Then on Monday two days at the Oral Surgeon. Anyone want to take my place?

One of our readers asked what it is like to move to another country for someone, so tune in next week.

Aaron and Mike on a hike


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