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You Should Be So Lucky By Cat Sebastian

One constant in my life has always been my love of books. Especially when I have had a need to get lost in someone else's life besides my own. I can often be found in Eason Book Store in Dublin browsing the shelves looking for new books or reading the New York Times and Wall Street Journal's book reviews online. I have found it to be rather a dismal year for books that I loved or found at worth mentioning to other people

Last week I came across a review in the times for, You Should Be So Lucky by Cat Sebastian. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I found it listed under Romance Novels. First I saw it was about baseball which I was not too thrilled about, but then I saw it was about a gay player who falls in love with a journalist who is writing an article about him. Well, now I figured I had to give it a try. I do love gay.

 I have been busier than usual and have not been able to do my usual speed reading.  So…  hope I am not writing this too soon as I am only one half of the way through You Should Be So Lucky but READ it.  I have the feeling that if you enjoy a good romance, some flirting a little smile and maybe a cry you’ll love it.  A bit about the book below.  Can’t say too much, since I don’t want to give everything away and I don't know everything yet.

Basically it is about two gay men in the late 1950’s early 1960’s.  Eddie is  baseball player who was just transferred to New York to play.  When the book begins he is in a slump that he fears will never end, living in a hotel and no one on the team wants to be his friend.  Mark is a journalist whose lover died 16 months ago and has lost the ability to enjoy life. He is assigned to cover Eddie, writing a weakly story about the Robins new shortstop.

Neither one of these men wants to be stuck with the other but they have no choice.  Slowly Eddie and Mark get to know each other. The biggest obstacle to them is that Eddie cannot be out being a professional athlete and Mark has vowed never to be in the closet again.  Remember I found this under romance so if you are looking for a deep read, try A Little Life just about my all time favorite.  There is a review of it on the Blog.

Cover of You Should Be So Lucky


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