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Why Do I Like Older Men

Do I have daddy issues? No. Do I like older men's life experiences? I like everyone's life experiences. Our journey is what makes us. Do I like their confidence? Anyone that shows confidence is hot. Is there a straightforward answer to why I am attracted to older men. No.

Aaron on his terrace.

Asking why I like older men is the same as asking why am I gay? I have never questioned my dick it has always made its own decisions. I didn’t just wave a magic wand and decide from this day forward I will be gay and only attracted to older men. It happened all on its own.

In saying this of course I know an attractive guy when I see one whether he's my age or older. Heck, I also know an attractive girl when I see one too but that doesn’t mean I’m straight. There is a difference in knowing someone's attractive and actually having a physical attraction to them. Yes, I’m talking about that long shaped snake in your pants that pretty much guides you in the right direction.

I mean don’t you just love that warm, almost daunting feeling when you lock eyes with someone and you feel that instant attraction that makes you want to know that person. (Or tear their clothes off). It’s amazing, it’s hard to put it into words that truly justify that feeling. There is no way that feeling can be faked or manufactured. It comes from somewhere deep within you and ultimately it leads to passionate sex or you wanting to get to know that person even better yet both.

I’ve had so many people over the years tell me why I like older men. I wonder why people question who I’m into and why it is so important to them.? I mean I feel they probably think more about it than I do The conversation would fall along the lines of oh, you like older men you must have daddy issues. Well if this is true does it mean that when you like guys your own age you have brother issues? People are quick to point the finger, but don’t like it pointed back at them.

Why would someone choose to make their life harder than it has to be? Being gay is tough enough, Each individual has their own journey coming to terms with themselves which can be quite tough. But having this big peering judgemental world watching us only makes life more difficult. Although it is easier today to come out and the world is much more accepting than it was before, it still doesn’t mean it is easy. It is a whole rollercoaster of emotions. But back to my point. Being gay is hard enough. I am not going to make my life harder by taking it a step further and only being into older men just for the sake of it, .

For me ,with older men there was just this different spark . But let me put this straight (for once). Being into older guys doesn’t mean I am into any older guy. There always has to be that spark, that moment that just changes your perspective of that person. (or they have a pretty enough face that you can knock the hole off for a few hours vice versa).

Aaron at home.

From the moment I met Mike he took my breath away. Let's not beat around the bush here. It was a Grindr hook up initially and I thought he was hot from his pictures. But when I met him in person I was simply in love. Then to top it off I love his personality, I love his quirks, I love every single little thing about him. At this stage it had nothing to do with his age. I finally found someone that I properly clicked with and it was just magic.

I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be so difficult to find a guy that I could connect with both on a physical and emotional level. Growing up I remember numerous times I thought I’d been in love. But this love would just last days, maybe weeks before it died and I quickly realized as I got older that this was lust. I had never been in love.

So if there is a chance of love, fall hard, fall deep, jump in with an open heart and live it to the fullest experience. There is nothing better than loving someone and being loved. Don’t let something as small as an age difference come in the way. So many people tried to tell me who I was supposed to love but at the end of the day my best advice to someone would be not to listen to anybody but to follow your heart. As LOVE IS LOVE and this is what we need to remember.

My name is Aaron Flynn and I fucking love older men, especially one in particular the love of my life Michael Shore.


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