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The Latecomer by Jean Korelitz

Growing up in a Jewish upper middle class suburb I thought every Jewish family was dysfunctional. In her newest book, The Latecomer Jean Korelitz takes dysfunctional to a new level.Trust me, being Jewish is not a prerequisite to enjoying the book. It touches on many subjects, religion, race, sex, education and more. The novel is sad, funny, witty and a study om family conflict

The novel centers around the Oppenheimers a wealthy Jewish family living in New York. Johanna and Salo her husband after several failed attempts at having children have triplets through IVF.

Finally Johanna believes her dreams of a real family are about to come true. Much to her disappointment none of her children care at all for each other and Johanna slips into her own world of neglect after Salo is killed.

Hey Blog reader,

If any of you have any good books to recommend it would be greatly appreciated if you might post them in the General Discussion Section of the Forum. I am an avid reader and love having a stack of books to read and I am getting very low.

Thanks, Michael

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