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The Damage by Caitlin Wahrer

I found this book while browsing book reviews in the New York Times. The first line in the review hooked me in. “How far would you go to protect someone you love.” Right after I downloaded it to my Kindle. I didn’t even get the sample first.

The story centers around Nick a gay college student who meets a man in a bar and has a one night stand with him . Nick wakes up in a cheap hotel by himself badly beaten.

The novel revolves around Nick and his family and the effect it has on all of them. The story is told through Nick’s brother, his sister-in-law and a detective who worked on the case. It jumps between the past and present. Until the conclusion it is quite suspenseful and will keep you reading.

Although the novel centered on Nick he played a minor part in the story. When I was done though I spent quite a bit of time thinking of what happened to Nick Without giving it away I think it will resonate with a great many men, The book is an easy read if any of you have any vacations coming up take it to the beach with you..

Book cover for The Damage by Catlin wahrer

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