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The Chestnut Man

This past weekend Aaron and I were searching for a show that looked good enough to watch while we had Sunday night dinner in bed. We were lucky and found The Chestnut man a new series on Netflix. I don’t know what made me stop to see what it was about but the minute I found out it was a Danish Thriller I was sold. After watching The Bridge, ( a previous POW,) and The Killing I always try and watch any of the Nordic Crime Thrillers. So far we love it and have watched 4 of the 6 episodes. I know I will be bummed when we finish it.

In a nutshell so to speak, the show is about 2 detectives, Naia and her new partner Hess who hunt a serial killer who leaves chestnut figurines at the crime scene. The show involves sex, politics, murder and I may be wrong but I bet a little romance as we see the relationship between Naia and her partner get more involved. If you like movies and shows with a slow burn watch The Chestnut Man.

Advertisement for The Chestnut Man.

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