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The Bridge

Picture of Season one of The Bridge.

If your looking for something good to watch we definitely recommend The Bridge. For the last year most of Ireland has been under some sort of lockdown. It has given Aaron and I more than enough time to catch up on every TV show we have missed, wanted to rewatch or to share with each other, ones that one of us might have missed. The Bridge was on television about 8 years ago. The best version was without a doubt the Swedish-Danish one. If you have an aversion to subtitles get over it. It is the only one worth watching. Before Aaron and I were together I watched most of my shows on my computer. I don't recommend taking your computer with you to the bathroom as I have broken two screens when they fallen off the counter because I did not want to miss the subtitles. Watch on your TV and put it on pause. The shows will take a lot longer to watch but save you thousands in computer repairs.

The show begins on a bridge separating Denmark and Sweden. When a body is found on the bridge it necessitates a joint investigation with the Swedish and Danish police. There are 4 seasons. It will make for great Pandemic binge watching. The Swedish detective is played by a woman Sofia Helin. It is one of the best roles written for a woman and I can't imagine anyone else in the role. It is available on Amazon Prime or Hulu and I am sure other places, You can Google it as easy I could tell you more about it, It is a great thriller, mystery and a little love mixed together. If you have an aversion to subtitles as I did get over it. Often times I am watching shows with subtitles and actually forget and turn the volume up so I can hear better. Before you make any judgements watch at least 2 episodes.

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