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The Boys - Wild Sex Adventures

One of my closest friends Luke isn't just a friend but the other half to the dynamic duo. Luke and I funnily enough met at a sort of sex party and instantly hit it off. We were so similar in our boyish charms and even more so, we were pretty much interested in the same type of guys, "older men'" and if I dare I say it, "daddies" Together we just bounced off each other. Despite Luke being a year younger than myself I looked up to him. I couldn't believe the confidence he had in himself, he was out and knew who he was, which I still admire to this day.

Our friendship grew to the stage where we were like brothers. As much as we'd get ourselves into trouble, we would always somehow manage to get ourselves out of it. Well, most of the time anyway. Soon we became known as, "The Boys." Starting off quickly in Dublin, but then throughout Ireland and much further afield, it got to the point where if I traveled abroad and met a random guy, they would ask so where's your friend Luke? Without me having the slightest idea how they could possibly know him. We laugh about this constantly even to this day.

Aaron and his friend, Luke

A few years ago I went to London and ended up meeting a guy. Believe it or not, Luke went to London the following week and in a city of millions ended up with the same guy. I remember Luke coming back and saying I met this really hot fucking guy in London. He went on to show me a video. My face dropped and I laughed. No fucking way, I met him last week. This became a regular occurrence with us. I would imagine if we compiled a list of everyone we slept with the list would be pretty similar.

Both in college at the same time we were as wild as wild could be. I mean we really did put wild to the test. Our weekends were wild! Friday to Monday non stop. But more often than not, our weekends turned into Fridays till Wednesdays. We would go from pub to club, to after party, to sauna, to sex party.

Aaron and Luke.

Wherever there was one the other wasn't far behind. It's hard to put our friendship into context but I think a brilliant moment summed it up in the sauna one day. Let's just say I had a drink from a bottle and knew I was going to pass out after taking too much. Luke quickly took the bottle and said "fuck it," I guess we will both just pass out. Were the type of friends that always tempt each other with that cheeky grin and a glance that we know will lead to trouble. If one of us was going to make a bad decision well then fuck it so was the other. But in saying that, we'd each give our lives to save the other, no matter what.

Easter a few years back We decided to go on a bender that lasted over two weeks of non stop partying. It started in the most unusual way. We hopped into a taxi going from place to place, until we were invited to a party. We thought it was meant to be a sex party but actually turned out to be a dinner party with both men and women. Luke and I were on such a buzz and being our usual selves we somehow managed to turn it into a sex party that went a bit out of control. My friend who owned the place was traumatised. We had straight guys all taking their clothes off and women filled with curiosity. I'd say within an hour of us being there, a full on sex party had commenced. The apartment filled with loud moans and groans, and every room was filled with people. In one room, the dungeon/playroom/sex room there was always someone's legs high in the air in a sling. I can't remember how long this went on for or how long we were there. However, after a few days of being in a sweaty mess among only god knows how many bodies we were back in the taxi and onto another party and another and another. I can't even remember the end of those two weeks but I remember it being one of the wildest benders we went on.

But I'm not going to lie wherever we went, whether a party, a sauna and so on, we would definitely liven up the atmosphere in our party boy style. I definitely think this is needed every now and then. Despite the fact we did manage to over do it more than a few times, we usually left everyone with a good story or two to tell. We have somewhat calmed down over the last year or two which has benefited both of us. Probably everyone else too. I am sure they also needed a break from our antics.

Aaron and Luke dressed in costume for charity.

The stories are endless, they really are. It's near impossible to actually write or even say the things we got up to. If your fortunate enough to know us you probably have some idea. But the fact is it was probably much worse than that. But I think we'd both say during all the good times, bad times and absolute mayhem we caused, we enjoyed every last bit of it. Till the next appearance of the dynamic duo, "The Boys."

Catch more sex adventures of the "The Boys" in future blogs to come!

Aaron and Luke at Mike and Aaron's wedding.

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