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Tehran Apple TV

I'm crazy in love with thrillers, spy, crime, political. Anything that keeps me glued to my seat. My dream day would be spending the day in bed with Aaron watching any good one. I would even let Aaron put on his headphones and listen to TiK-Tok while I watched.

If you enjoyed 24, Homeland, False Flag, The Americans tune in to, "TEHRAN.," You can catch up on the first two seasons and be ready for season three, which right now they say will be sometime in 2023. I know I say it a lot but I promise you won't be sorry. That's because I only write about shows and books that I really love. BTW Israelis make some great TV shows so if you're ever at a loss google Israeli shows. You will also notice that America and Britain remake many of them.

Tehran is about Mossad agent, Tamar who is a computer hacker. She is in Tehran to help Mossad and the Israeli's complete an airstrike on a nuclear power plant. Tamar and the attack on the power plant fail in a surprising way, It left me pretty surprised and I tuned into season two right away! I was happy when I saw that Glenn Close was in season two. She was a great addition. In season two instead of blowing up nuclear power plants we have assassinations.

Tehran TV series

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