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Sweet Walks, Sweet Talks

The last year in Ireland has mostly been spent under lock down. Not being able to go more than 5 kilometres from the house we have spent a great deal of our time taking walks, Dublin is a great city for walking, The coast, the mountains, canals, city streets and beautiful parks makes sure you will never be bored. Actually in the middle of the city is Phoenix Park, the largest park in Europe and about twice the size of Central Park in New York. When we lived in Aaron's old apartment there was a canal nearby where we often walked. One of the aspects of walking that I have always enjoyed is the opportunity for random conversations that can take you anywhere.

One day during one of our leisurely strolls down the canal we were talking and suddenly we were both smiling and laughing as we realized we were talking about our wedding, what we would wear, where we would have it, who we would invite, what the menu would be and how we would like to decorate our new apartment. Little did we know that the Pandemic would still be going on and only six people would be able to attend. What made us both laugh and feel so good though was that both of us thought we would never find the right "one," get married or even be able to discuss how we would like to decorate our apartment with another man. As we continued our walk holding hands I think we both felt like we were floating.

Mike and Aaron author's of Gay Lifestyle Blog on a walk after their engagement.

It is on another of our walks that we first began talking about living together and my staying in Ireland. If you asked me now I could not tell you how we even got talking about it. I don't think we had discussed it before. When we begin our walks even If I happen to be stressed out, eventually I start to relax and feel like a new person. I wish I knew how our conversations get where they do. I don't think either one of us is guarded around the other but maybe being outside away from all the things we should be doing frees our minds to just play, dream and imagine what our life's with each other will be like.

As often as we talk or even sing to each other on our walks we are are probably just as quiet. I imagine lost in our own thoughts, enjoying the quiet of each others company, or simply enjoying a nice day being out, I often tell Aaron this but am somewhat surprised to be sharing it with whoever is reading this Blog,. I spend much of this quiet time stealing sidelong glances of Aaron or walking behind him admiring him, and feeling like the luckiest person in the world to have him as my husband, I never believed another person could bring me so much joy.

Gay couple, Aaron and Mike on a walk in Dublin.

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