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Skin Care Products - Kiehls

I used many different skin care products over the years, but finally about 10 years ago I pretty much started using Kiehls for all my facial products except shaving cream. For face wash I use Kiehl's Facial Fuel, Energizing Face Wash. I find I can use it every day. It is a gentle cleanser and effective. About twice a week I use their Oil eliminator it is a deep cleansing exfoliating face wash. They say you can use it every day but I don’t find it necessary. I really love their daily moisturizer with sun protection it is so light I can barely tell I have it on. If you don’t live in a city with a Kiels you can buy it all online here. As far as skin products go I find it reasonably priced.

Mike washing his face with Kiehls face wash


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