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Road Trip

For most of the last year Aaron and I have been together almost 24 hours a day due to the lock down in Ireland. It has been a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better then we did. We both agree if not for the lockdown we probably would not have gotten married. The lockdown allowed me to stay in Ireland for so much longer than I had planned.

Aaron shared a house with roommates and we spent most of our time in his bedroom which was probably no larger than 12 x 12 feet. We ate, slept, goofed around and talked in this room from March until July, getting to know each other better I am sure then most people ever get to know each other.

His roommate once remarked to me that I spent almost no time downstairs with him. I told him he did not understand but that Aaron's room small as it was, was like my Garden of Eden, pure paradise, Aaron has been able to escape from me a bit now. In July we moved and did out our laundry room so he now has an office to work out of.

Gay couple, Aaron and Mike on a road trip to Belfast.

There have been a few times the Country has opened up and if we get the chance to get out of the city we do. Aaron has said that despite the lock down he has seen more of Ireland in the last year then he has seen in his whole life. My first trip to Ireland was last January, when I first came to see Aaron. I was here for 2 weeks and we only went sightseeing one day, a walk through downtown Dublin the rest of the time we spent spent indoors in his room. Since we cannot leave the Country because of the Pandemic we are determined to get away and see the rest of Ireland every chance we get. Ireland is an incredibly beautiful country that more people should take the time to see. One of our weekends away we took a road trip to Northern Ireland.

Gay couple, Aaron and Mike taking a walk on the coast in Belfast.

We went to Belfast which is the capital of Northern Ireland, probably best known for being where the Titanic was built. A weekend is the perfect amount of time to see the city. You can walk everywhere. It has some great architecture. I especially loved the CIty Hall and the Merchant Hotel. Unfortunately due to Covid most of the buildings and Museums were closed. The Titanic Museum is supposed to be a must see. We stayed at the Fitzwilliam Hotel which is a great small hotel. Again due to Covid all the amenities were closed, Covid is really putting a dent in my good times. If any of you have question about Hotels around the world just ask, I love hotels and travel.

Mike and aaron in Belfast.

Before heading back to Dublin we both wanted to stop at The Giant's Causeway, which is a Unesco World Heritage Sight. The Causeway was formed by a volcano eruption 60 million years ago. There is a lot of folklore in Ireland and it is said the Causeway was home to the giant Finn McCool who left it when he went to fight his enemy in Scotland. I can't remember for sure but I think you might be able to see the coast of Scotland from the Causeway.

It was late Sunday afternoon as we were leaving Giant's Causeway, rushing of course for no apparent reason, and we took a wrong turn. Aaron got pissed off, which is what I usually do. For some reason today I was the more relaxed one. I don't know where my sudden insight came from but I said to Aaron, look it's not a big deal. You and I have been and had such major fuck ups we should be celebrating such a small one,. This is only a wrong turn.

We continued to drive and not more than a mile down the road the most beautiful ruin of a castle came into view, We were actually in awe of how amazingly stunning it was, I asked Aaron to park the car so we could take a look around, Until now I had always been ambivalent about having a wedding reception but I knew now it could be nowhere else but here. I was planning it all out. It was going to be incredible.

Unfortunately, we went under lockdown again and had to limit our wedding to six people in a hotel dining room. ( It was still great.) Anyway, our wrong turn, turned out to be the most wonderful fuckup we could have made. I don't watch the show but to our surprise it turned out be the castle in Game of Thrones. I still haven't seen the show but am sure it looks so much more amazing in person then on the show. If your down there a must see is Dunluce Castle.

Giants Causeway and Dunluce Castle in Ireland.
Giants Causeway & Dunluce Castle

As we were heading back to Dublin I asked Aaron to slow down. After all if we were stopped it would probably take us even longer to get home then if we had not been speeding. We already had our share of traffic tickets. Of course, just as I finished saying this we saw the flashing lights behind us.

Not being familiar with Ireland let alone Northern Ireland it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. The cop told us to get off at the next exit and follow him. He came to the car and took Aaron's license. I presume to see if there were any warrants out for his arrest. After a few minutes he returned to the car and told Aaron he had been going 30 miles over the limit. Aaron decided to play the ignorant game and said he had no idea he was going over the limit.. The policeman told us that since the courts were closed for the weekend he would have to take Aaron to jail for the night until the courts were open in the morning. At that time Aaron could pay for the ticket. Both of our mouths were hanging open in disbelief. I'm not quite sure what was going Aaron's head. All I could think of though was what the fuck am I supposed to do I can barely drive a stick, I cannot drive on the left side of the road. God, please just let Aaron be able to drop me off at a hotel with room service.

In the end the cop let us go with a strong warning. We arrived home that evening wondering what our next adventure would be. Again another fuckup but were still here.


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