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Pride Movie

Picture of the cast of the movie Pride made in 2014.

Aaron’s brother was visiting us a few weeks ago and we were talking movies. Wayne said one of his favourite movies was Pride. Despite the fact that Aaron is not too crazy about his brother’s taste in films we decided to give it a try. After all, we have been in lockdown for over a year and there is not much we have not watched.

We both loved it and seeing how it is Pride month we thought it was an excellent choice for our pick of the week. Pride was made in 2014 and won the Queer Palm award. (Whatever that is.) It takes place in London in 1984 and is based on a true story.

The story starts at a Gay Pride march in 1984 when a group of gays decide to support the miners who have been on strike against the Thatcher government that was trying to shut down many mines and weaken the power of the Unions. A group of gays decided that they should help raise money for the miners who at the time were hated more than they were.

The movie touches down on many topics and each character seems to have their own story. Pride is funny, sad, honest and heart warming and best of all as I said before a true story. We were both very choked up at the end of the film. This one is definitely worth the watch!


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