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Picture of movie Passing.

The other night I was searching for new movies for Aaron and I to watch, when I came across a list of the best movies of 2021. When I came across, “Passing,” I told Aaron I thought we should give it a try. After all, haven’t we all at one point in our lives pretended to be something we are not.

Briefly the movie is about 2 black women in the 1920’s. Claire and Irene are old friends who have not seen each other in many years. They bump into each other in New York at a hotel that does not cater to Blacks. It is a sweltering hot day and Irene decides to pass herself off as white for her first time and only time so she can have a bit of respite from the heat. Claire, on the other hand decided many years ago to live her life as a white woman. Claire’s husband is white, has no idea she is Black and actually hates Blacks.

I understand it is the director Rebecca Hall’s first film. I am not a critic by any means but I think she did a superb job. I was also not familiar with any of the actor’s besides Claire’s husband, Alexander Skarsgard but again all great. I was a bit skeptical of the film at first as it was shot in black and white but It really gave one the feeling that it you were in New York in the 20’s as did the music which again added much to the film.

I am not sure if it is a fair comparison but being gay and having spent so many years pretending to be someone I was not I identified very much with the characters Irene and Claire. I almost felt as if they could be each other’s alter ego. (Not sure if I have stated that correctly.) I am also Jewish. I have never hidden that part of, but I have a few times been in a room and felt bad that I was not vocal about that part of me. I am also white so I can never experience what it must be like to be in that color skin. Being white I am quite aware of the advantage that has added to my life. When we finished the film I remembered a movie that was one of my favorites from years ago called, “Imitation of Life.” If you enjoy, “Passing,” give it a try. By the way, “Passing,” is on Netflix.

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