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Older/Younger Relationship

One of my oldest and closest friends is named Michael. About 15 years ago he told he was going to marry his girlfriend Danielle who I was crazy about. She was about half his age, I didn't think he was nuts. I was crazy about her. I just wanted to know what it was like meeting her parents when he was older then they were. I thought that would be funny. He simply said they were great and they were happy for the two of them.

I have another old and close friend Howard. He has many times gone out with younger women. He told me he felt people were always staring at him and his current girlfriend and they probably thought he was old enough to he her father. Howard wanted to know if my friend Michael felt that way with Danielle. I loved Mike's answer, he said tell Howard, "they are just jealous".

Mike and Aaron who are in a gay age-gap relationship when they just met.

When Aaron first texted me I never could have imagined I was about to meet the man of my dreams. He is everything I could ever want and more, Before we met in person all I really knew was that he was from Ireland in New York for the summer on college break. A relationship was the farthest thing from my mind After all we lived thousands of miles from one another and I felt old enough to be his father. Come on!!!

When I fell in love with Aaron I never really thought about the older/younger thing and I still haven't. Except when it comes up sometimes with other people and usually we both get a big laugh from it. One time we were in Duanne Reade, (a drugstore,pharmacy) in New York, Aaron lost his phone and had to buy another one. Anyway, in all sincerity the salesman said, "I really think your son would like this one." In Ireland, we now live next door to a hotel. One day we were standing by the check in desk chatting with one of the girls and she asked how we were related. At that point we were engaged and I was elated to tell her we were getting married. Another time we were the jewellery store looking at wedding bands and the saleslady thought Aaron was my nephew.

Our age is not even a part of out relationship. Aaron is Aaron and I am I. We seem to balance one another perfectly. In some areas I am smarter and many times he just astounds me with how wise he is. I do believe that our love for each other totally negates the age thing, Other then the few times people have told us what a good looking couple we are, I have never noticed anyone looking at us strangely. It is an odd time though as Covid has been raging and we have basically been under lockdown for a year.

Gay couple, Aaron and Mike in Dublin after they were engaged.

I love Aaron so much, (and I know he feels the same way) and that is what comes through in public or wherever we are. It is beautiful. If anyone sees us and feels it is wrong because of the older/younger, gay or whatever they have the problem. I feel badly for them. I hope one day they feel like us, that love transcends all. I wish the whole world could experience what we have, It is probably trite to say this but love is love and I don't feel there is any accounting for it.

When I am walking down the street with Aaron I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world. I glow knowing I have him by my side. I tell him all the time that being with him I feel like I have won the lottery. I am so proud to be his husband.

Mike and Aaron who are in an age-gap relationship on their wedding day.

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