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Leaving On A Jet Plane

Last Friday at 8:30 A.M. Aaron and I got our Covid Shot (thank the Lord)! I don't know about everyone else but I'm so happy we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. As much as Aaron and I have loved spending all our time with each other we are really looking forward to living in the real world again. Restaurants and bars with outdoor seating have finally reopened in Ireland and indoor dining is set to open the 7th July. Our last meal out was, believe it or not on October 10th three days after we were married. It’s crazy to think we have lived like virtual hermits for the last 14 months. I find myself dreaming of a big New York Strip Steak rare dripping in juice, especially when Aaron gets greedy and won't share his with me

Gay couple, Aaron and Mike are ready to travel.  Picture pf passports

Our ability to adapt really is amazing. At the beginning I am sure we were like many people and did not believe the seriousness of it. As time wore on we have become more and more careful, especially now that we are so near being fully vaccinated and able to start really living again. Watch with our luck one of us will get sick now that this thing is finally ending.

Aaron and I both love to travel and cannot wait to start. We both have probably spent more time on planes then off. One of the things I am really looking forward to on the plane is trying to have a "little sex," with Aaron. About 20 years ago it happened on my way to South Africa. It really was one of those things you always see in the movies but never think will happen to you. Well, believe me it does. The plane was filled, not one seat empty and somehow I ended up in the bathroom with the guy sitting next to me, until the stewardess starting banging on the door. I am sure it would not have taken place if I had not been drunk as a skunk the only way I thought to endure the second half of my 20 hour flight. It was every bit worth the hangover I had when the plane landed,

One of the things I love best about living in Ireland is having so many great places nearby to fly to. Its crazy when you see that we can get flights for $30 to so many European cities, even if we do have to fly Ryanair to get there. Although there are tons of places to see in America I don’t think it compares to Europe . America is so young when comparing it to Europe. I am always so surprised by how much the rest of the world is excited about coming to America to see what, a big ball of cheese. In addition it takes 5 hours to just fly from the east coast to west coast.

Picture of suitcase.

Aaron has 5 days off at the end of July, so we are fleeing Dublin as soon as we can, As much as I enjoy Ireland I don't expect to be able to work on my tan here and it will be easier to make Aaron get into his speedo somewhere the sun is shining, where he gets hot and sweaty and needs to constantly run into the ocean to cool off. I can't wait. I am counting the days. We have just made reservations to go to Sitges, Spain. All that I'm thinking of is sun, sex and time to relax laying next to my man in the sand. This will be our first real holiday since I came to Ireland. A few times when lockdown eased we did manage to escape for a few weekends around the country which was great. Like I said before Ireland is a beautiful country but I don’t count those weekends away as holidays, at least not the kind of holidays I have been dreaming about.

I first discovered Sitges about 35 years ago when I was in Barcelona with my sister. Barcelona was packed with the World Cup and I had to get out of the city, too crowded for me, Sitges was the closest beach town. Boy were we surprised. We had no idea it was one of the biggest gay vacation spots in Europe and still is. I was in my twenties and in the closet and had never seen anything like it. It was an education. Half the time my mouth was hanging open drooling in surprise as my eyes popped out at what I was witnessing. There was one beach probably about a mile long and it seemed each beach was for a different type of gay. A leather beach, a daddy beach, a twink beach so on down the line. In my head I was trying to figure out which beach I would have picked. If only I could have ditched my sister. As my sister and I walked up and down the beach I was constantly trying to hide my hard on. I still am not sure if I was trying to hide it from her or every hot guy I was seeing and probably beating off to every time my sister left the room.

Pictures of Sitges, Spain about 19 years ago.
My last visit to Sitges

I have been there two other times since then with a friend. It is the perfect place to go if you want a laid back few days in an inexpensive beach town with nothing to do but lay on the beach, hang out, and have a few drinks in the evening. Really what more can you want? Hot weather, sweaty men, cheap drinks and your hot as fuck husband, if. you are lucky enough to have one. If you ever go to Barcelona be sure and take the train down for a day or two. The beaches in Barcelona don't even come close to Sitges, plus the added bonus of all the hot men will make it more enticing. I’ll be counting the days till we leave. I can't stop fantasizing about lying next to Aaron on the beach and watching as the sun glistens on his skin as I put my arm around him and pull him close. Knowing me, l I will want to pounce on him. I would love to get carried away but I am surprised, believe it or not that Aaron can be quite shy at times. But me, I would love a bit of public sex. Aaron has this one blue bathing suit, I can't wait to make him wear it. Every time he wears it I get so turned on, I don't know how to stop myself. When he's feeling cocky at home he will sometimes wear it for me and I just go nuts!!!

We have another vacation coming mid September and we will be jetting off to Greece for ten days. Three days in Athens and than seven days in Mykonos. I cannot wait to show Aaron Athens. He will love the Acropolis and the Parthenon. If I remember correctly last time I stayed there I had a room overlooking the Acropolis and I will try and get one again. It was fantastic to look out at fantasize about what used to go on there, Aaron loves mythology and anything that has to do with the Gods, He could talk about them for days if you give him the chance. Just beware when I say days, I mean days. Since I cannot remember any of the mythology I learned in school Aaron will be the teacher and I will be the student, Who doesn't like a bit of roleplay and it will only make Athens that much more fun, When Aaron loves something he talks about it with such enthusiasm that it cannot help but rub off on you, Only one of the many reasons I love him.

Pictures of Athans.

After Athens watchout Mykonos, Neither of us have been there. I have been to Santorini and loved it. It is beautiful and peaceful. A little bit too peaceful though after a year in lockdown. Our friends have told us plenty of stories about Mykonos, its beauty and how much fun they have partying and playing there. Well, Aaron and I love to experience everything so here we come for a little bit of everything it has to offer, at least I think everything. We shall see, But again, I just can't wait for us to be there with each other and no other cares in the world but having fun, lying in each others arms in the sand, having to go in the water and rinse off and just take it from there...

I have a weakness for the food in Greece and Aaron loves any and all food. He is a bottomless pit, He is more of a meat man than me. Trust me I am always feeding him meat and he is always begging for more. He will love the lamb, pork and gyros. Me I love the produce. I salivate thinking of the tomatoes and eggplant. If I can't have Aaron for breakfast I know exactly what I will have. Aaron will love the souvlaki, greek salad and more. After we leave I will be sending him straight to the gym until he is fit again.

Mike on his last trip to Greece.
My last visit to Greece

After Greece, its back to Dublin and in November on to Paris for a few days for a good friends wedding. It will be great. It is black tie and I am really drooling over Aaron being in his wedding tux again. He looked so hot when we got married but I did not get to enjoy him as much as I wanted, Also, after our beach vacations it will be fun to dress a bit and be in some great bistros sitting across from each other sharing a great bottle of wine and just staring into each others eyes and he has the most beautiful eyes I have ever stared into.

There isn't a more romantic city than Paris and I will get to share it with the love of my life who has never been there. I am getting all mushy just thinking about walking down the different Avenues holding his hand and pointing out all the sights that I love. Who would not love that.

Picture of Moulin Rouge in Paris.

I can’t believe a month after we get back from Paris it is Christmas. I swear to God the years go faster and faster. As we did last year we will be spending it with Aaron’s extended family in Waterford, which is on the Southern tip of Ireland. They are all great people and fun to be with. It will be another few days to look forward to. Before we go I will have to take that course in Irish English that I have been trying to find so I can understand them, They speak so quick I am lost before they start. To understand the vocabulary the Irish use I still need a little more practice Don't know if you can tell but I love being away the more the better in my book.

Then unless something comes up were at home until March when we go to Arizona to see my family and hopefully some of my friends who will meet us there for a mini belated wedding party. It will be exciting. None of my family or friends, (except one or two friends) have been lucky enough to meet Aaron yet, due to Covid. They will love him. Some of my brothers and sisters make fun of his age, wondering if he will need a babysitter if we go out without him. I think they are just a bit jealous of how lucky I am to have such a young husband. We have a few days when we won’t be with family and I hope I get to take him to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. As much as this has been the best year of my live in so many ways I can’t wait to start living again.

Gay couple, Aaron and Mike, ready to travel.

Anyway if any of you have been to Sitges, Mykonos or Paris and have any favorite hotel, bars, clubs, beaches or whatever let us know we'd love to check them out. We would also love to know your plans now that we are all being let loose. Whatever you do we hope you have a great time doing it.


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