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We watched all 8, 30 minute episodes of Heartstopper when we were both sick in bed last week and wished there were more. Well, I just found out two more seasons were ordered. Yea! Sometimes getting teary eyed feels good. The show is based on the novel by Alice OIsemen.

Heartstopper is about two boys at an all boy high school in Britain. Charlie is openly gay, not by choice and Nick is straight or at least thinks he is until he meets Charlie. It is really a heartwarming show and I am sure will bring back what it was like to be in high school for many of you. Despite being a feel good show it tackled so many of the issues that exist in school today from bullying, homophobia and the age old problem of discovering and being happy with who we really. When you need something that will make you feel good tune in.

Heartstopper gay tv series

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