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Gay City Life - The Beginning

In my last blog, “Growing Up A Closeted Gay In A Small Town,” I talked about the difficulties I faced and my need to get out and start somewhere fresh. This blog is a continuation of leaving Waterford and moving to Dublin for University.

At this point In my life I was relatively new to the gay world and quite naive. I had fooled around with some guys here and there but wanted to move somewhere I could start fresh. Well let me tell you my eyes were about to be opened. A whole new world appeared! Men galore, cruising, sex parties, gay saunas, chemsex, douching, gay bars, clubs the list goes on. Until I moved to Dublin I never realized there was so much I had to learn about the gay world.

Now those of you that have read my previous Blog and know me, certainly know of the absolute mayhem I got up to. This Blog is going to fill in some of the gaps. Those of you that don’t know me, well your about to get a deeper look inside of my life. I want to give you guys the real inside look through my perspective on cruising, sex parties, saunas, chemsex and much more. Before that though just a brief overview of moving to the city. After that I’ll get down into the deep crevices of everything.

Dicks in hand. Lets begin!

Just to put it all in context when I was back in Waterford and flicked on Grindr for a browse there were probably about 40 guys within a 40 km radius at the most. One day after arriving in Dublin, chilling in my apartment getting ready for university I decided to check out Grindr in Dublin. Ding, Ding, Ding, welcome to the world of men. Everywhere hundreds of guys within 1 km. If I was unsure I was gay before I definitely was now and boy do gay men love some fresh meat.

The Straight Lad Persona

I don't know what is it. But gay men sure love a straight man. Wink, wink. I swear my first few years my Grindr chats would consist of

"Are you gay?"

"No, i'm straight"

"Have you a girlfriend?"

"Eh yeah, I have to be real discreet"

Well let's say that fantasy went on for quite a while. That was until people realised that I was gay and my girlfriend was a facade. But nevertheless it was fun playing the new "straight boy" in town when I got to Dublin.

My first group

Life in Dublin started off with just causal encounters. Your typical one on ones. That's all I really knew. Until one day I had just finished hooking up with a guy when I got a message on Grindr. It was from a guy I had hooked up with before and he invited me to a group. I had never done a group before and initially had no interest. After some going back and forth with myself, I thought sure why not give it a try.

I walked in the door and there were probably about 5 guys there. They were all naked, playing and I just did not know what to do. The host of the party then asked me if I would like to douche. I looked at him with a puzzled expression having no idea what he was talking about. Well, 5 minutes later I was in a bathroom with a hose pipe in my ass. But, hey it was a new experience and it still comes in handy today.

Back then to the room full of guys dripping in hot sweaty sex, the fun began. It was a few hours of hot horny fun and I must say it was pretty good. Let’s just say I left wanting more. In a future Blog I’ll go into more detail, all they entail, the good, bad and everything in between.

Funnily enough I met my best friend at a sex party. I had never met a guy like me before, who was as fun and crazy and into older guys. I don't know about everyone else but I sometimes find it hard to make genuine gay friends because someone is always trying to have sex with the other. But the best thing about my new friend was that we both had no interest in each other sexually so our escapades began from there.

First Cruising Experience

The first time I went cruising to the infamous Phoenix park I had absolutely no clue what was about to happen. If someone explained to me what cruising was before I don't think I would have believed them. It's was fun, scary and exciting all at the same time. It really got all my urges flowing especially my horniness .

I'm honestly not sure what I was expecting but I just remember walking along a pathway into the woods filled with men. There seemed to be eyes poking out from behind every tree. It was nerve wrecking at the start, my heart was pounding. I had no idea where to look and what to do. Slowly I figured it out and loved it.

One minute you would be by yourself and then the next minute you would be surrounded by a flurry of men. The air was filled with a fresh forest scent that was topped off with the strong smell of poppers. Walking through the trees you would hear the rustle of bushes and men groaning and moaning in what I assume was ecstasy.

Gay Bars

The first time a guy convinced me to go to a gay bar I was so nervous, I was paranoid I would be found out. What if someone sees me. What will I say? He told me there would only be 10-15 people there so I thought I would be safe. Why not give it a go? Well it was more like 100-150 people there

At the start I was on edge but when the drinks started flowing I started to relax, and with men just everywhere, well let's say the flirtatious Aaron came out. I was truly in my element. I must say I still am a big fan of the gay bars. The ability to chat face to face, have a dance and a cheeky flirt is always fun for me, whatever mischief I get into.

Gay Saunas

I'm still not sure my "straight mates" would believe me if I tried to explain to them what a gay sauna is. But when I went to a gay sauna for my first time I was instantly in love. It was crazy, hot sweaty men everywhere you went in this four story building. Dark rooms, cabins for fucking, a cinema room, jacuzzi, and of course the sauna and steam. A mecca for gay men to have countless hours of fucking. That is until your head creeps out in the early hours of the morning and you find it bright and sunny and 9:00 AM. You have been there since 10 the night before.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and some of the experiences I want to share with you. Also I'd love to know what your first experiences of the gay world were? Next week I'll go into depth on Groups/Sex Parties so stayed tuned sexy men!

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