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The other night Aaron and I streamed a movie called Firebird. I did not think we would enjoy it as there seem to be so few great gay love story movies out there. We were both surprised how good it was.

It felt very current with what is going on in Russia at the moment. Firebird takes place during the Cold War at an Air Force in occupied Estonia. It is a true story.

Firebird is the story of Sergey a private in the Soviet Air Force who dreams of becoming an actor. Towards the end of his service he meets Roman a fighter pilot new to the base and they fall in love. Homosexulity is not allowed at this time especially in the Army, where you can be jailed for 5 years. When Luisa a good friend of Sergey meets Roman she immediately falls in love with him. It is a love story we have all seen before, but told beautifully and wonderful to look at.

Firebird movie cover

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