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Chilli Con Carne

Chilli Con Carne

When no one's around to warm you up do it all on your own.

What I love best about making chilli is it is so simple. I am by no means a seasoned cook but everytime I make chilli people seem to love it. You can add do so many things to make it as hot or spicy as you like.

I love to double and sometimes even triple the recipe. Just make sure you have a big enough pot. It is perfect for a winter dinner, you can feed an army with it or freeze until that cod winter day when nothing else will do.

Mike's Chilli.


2-3 Tablespoons bacon drippings or butter

(I use olive oil)

Saute in the fat

½ onion or 1 clove garlic

(I use both.)

(If you love it hot add some chilli peppers.)


1-2 pounds ground beef

Stir and saute the beef until well done

(At this point I drain off the fat. I can be a bit of a health nut sometimes. If you do leave in the fat I think it does tastes better.)


1 and ¼ cups canned tomatoes

4 cups canned kidney beans

(I am not crazy about kidney beans so I sometimes use black beans)

¾ teaspoon salt

½ bay leaf

(1 Teaspoon sugar, if you like)

2 tablespoon chilli powder

(depending on the strength and your taste)

Cover and cook slowly for about an hour,

If not spicy enough add more chilli powder, chilli flakes or jalapeno peppers. Remember you can't go wrong, so have fun and try it different ways.

Serve with tortilla chips and your choice of condiments:

Red onion

Sour cream

Shredded cheddar cheese



Jalapeno peppers…..

If your still not hot and toasty come find me.

Mike and his chilli.

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