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Arizona Bound

It’s almost time to go. I can’t wait. I am sitting in the kitchen looking out on our terrace hoping everything does not get blown away. We just received a notice saying two storms Dudley and Eunice are coming with winds up to 110 km/h and to bring in everything from our terraces. It is actually a relief. In addition to all of the furniture we have one tree outside and I am constantly thinking it is going to blow over the side and hit someone on the head. The tree and pot are so heavy the building just had to send up three men to help move it inside. Arizona will feel like paradise.

MIkie in Arizona a few years ago.

Forget seeing my family for the first time in more than two years due to Covid. Forget Aaron being able to meet them for the first time. Forget going to the Grand Canyon. I will be thrilled to just have some decent weather. When we get back to Ireland the weather better have changed or I will go on strike. What kind of strike I am not quite sure of. Due to some accidental good planning a month after we get back we will be going to Spain for Easter to visit Aaron’s mom and her husband. By the time we get back it should at least feel like some sort of Spring.

One of Aaron’s Xmas presents were a new pair of hiking boots for the Grand Canyon. We were going to do some practice hikes before we left but so far we are still in the planning stage of hike one. I have the feeling it will never happen. First we are lousy at planning and second even if we had the weather this past month has been so bad we have barely stepped foot outside.

Gay couple, Aaro and MIke hiking in Dublin, Ireland.

I have a personal philosophy in situations like this. It states that to do something once takes no training only stupidity, but to do something twice takes training and brains. So, we will walk up and down the grand canyon in one day without training and just be sore for a week. If for some reason we don’t make it all the way down the day before we are taking a helicopter ride through it so at the very least we can say we saw it.

It is so strange when I think that Aaron and I have been married a year and a half and no one in my family has met him. Also strange is the fact that I am excited for them to meet. This is some sort of new me. I wish I could say, “ I want to introduce you to my husband,” but that would be a bit redundant. I have never been able to say that to anyone yet. I even think Aaron is a bit excited to meet them.

Wedding picture of Mike and Aaron with his family.

When we got married only six people were allowed due to Covid. We were both upset at the time but did not want to postpone getting married. I am now glad the way things worked out. If we had had a big wedding he would never have had the chance to really get to know anyone. I have a big family with brothers, sisters, husbands, nieces and nephews, grand nieces and nephews there are about 40 of us. Actually Aaron is probably lucky only about 20 of them will be in AZ when we are there. I think he was actually a bit touched this morning when my brother’s wife texted and wanted to know what kind of ice cream he liked. I thought it a little strange as he is not exactly a little kid. I can tell you one thing though once it gets easier to travel we will be getting plenty of visitors in no time. He might get very tired of my family. I have a great time with my brothers and sisters on a one to one basis, however when we are all together it is strange how we can revert back to our childhood dynamics. Not good.

I feel bad for Aaron. It is a few days before we leave and he has so much to do. Between his regular job, our Blog, Youtube and Tiktok he is always working and now he has to get ready for our vacation. I don’t think he realizes it but he will probably come back more exhausted than before he left. That's what happens when you have a big family. At least he will have a nice long plane ride with only me to bother him.

Picture of suitcases getting packed for Arizona

I actually can’t believe the time has come for us to start packing. I think we bought our tickets for AZ over a year ago. Except for 3 days a year and a half go when I went back to NY to move I have not really been in the states for over two years. I wonder how I will feel about it. I am bringing a huge empty suitcase so I can bring back all the things i cannot get here. To start some giant bottles of advil since you can only buy 10 at a time here. Crazy! Costco here I come. Besides my family and friends I think I miss Costco the most. It will be one of the first places I take Aaron.

We get back to Dublin the week of St. Patrick's Day. It will be my first one as the last two years were cancelled due to Covid. We have been invited to a St.Patrick's Day party. It will be the first party I have been to in two years. I am starting to get excited.

Gay couple Aaron and Mike in Dublin.

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