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Affliction Growing Up With A Closeted Gay Dad by Laura Hall

I just finished reading Laura Hall's memoir, Affliction. I enjoyed reading it quite a bit.

I think it is a must read for people who have grown up in families with secrets, even if you haven't it is still a good read.The story is not only about Laura's gay father but also the impact of that secret on her.

Laura was born a short time after World War II and grew up in a small town not that far from San Francisco. She had 3 brothers and sisters. She was the second child. She was a good person but always seemed to make the wrong choices. When she was in her twenties her father told her he was gay.

I am intrigued by secrets having grown up in a family with many. I believe many parents are trying to protect their children, but don't realize the child's innate ability to pick up on things. In the end instead of protecting their child they often times hurt them.

When Laura's father reveals his secret it finally allows her to slowly heal her own life and find meaning to it. In addition the book also gives the reader an idea of what life was like for many gay men of that time and a small history of the Gay Rights Movement. Be sure and give Affliction a read.

Cover of Affliction

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